About Us

Our Story

Seniors’ Choice, a Division of C & L Maintenance Solutions Inc. was founded by Caryn Leventhal and Leon Horn in 2008.

Caryn has an extensive social work and sales/marketing background with the various levels of senior care, from senior centers to retirement communities to skilled nursing care to hospice and almost everywhere in between! Excellent customer service and great listening skills are her specialties.

Leon has over 30 years experience in working on both residential and commercial properties and has built homes/buildings from the ground up. Leon’s work includes working at a Continuous Care Retirement Community. He is a true jack of all trades… and a master at many of them!!!

In 2008 Caryn was laid off her job and was at a crossroads of what to do with her life when she grew up!!! Leon was gainfully employed but looking for a little more of a challenge in the work arena. The two of them worked previously together and also talked about one day starting a business together. Well that day came and the two joined forces and hence the birth of Seniors’ Choice…

Both Caryn and Leon have a passion for helping people, especially seniors. In their previous jobs, they heard the story, or a version close to it, that “ Mom/Dad HAS TO move into “the home” because they trusted the roofer that knocked on their door and insisted they needed a new roof”…even though the house was 2 years old!! This story is very common and very heartbreaking. Seniors’ are often targets of financial abuse/scams.

Finding a honest, trustworthy, reliable, and experienced fix it service WAS difficult to find… that was BEFORE Seniors’ Choice existed.

They pride themselves in their excellent and timely customer service, exceptional workmanship and their understanding of seniors and their special needs. They are both well connected in the senior services and home improvement communities. These partnerships allow Seniors’ Choice to be a great resource for all of their client’s needs.