Solving Home Accessiblity Problems

Entering and Leaving the Home

Entering and Leaving the Home

Problem: I have trouble entering and leaving my home

Solution: Entrance solutions

  • At least one entrance without steps and a flat or low threshold
  • A 5’ by 5’ maneuvering space at the stepless entrance
  • Clean, textured pathways that lead to and from the curb
  • Well-lit entry
  • Motion sensitive lighting outdoors
  • Handrails
  • Ramps, or gently sloping path
  • Power entry door opener and locks provide increased security and protection

Getting Up and Down Stairs

Problem: I live in a two-story house but have trouble with stairs

Solution: Stair Lifts and Platform Wheelchair Lifts

  • Stair lifts to fit almost any set of stairs
  • Can be installed for stairs leading to basements or upper levels
  • Can be installed with minimal damage to existing stairs
  • Can be folded or set to allow others to use stairs
  • Inclined Platform lifts can carry a wheelchair user over an existing staircase on a level platform. Folds-up when not in use.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.  Works in residential and commercial settings. Can fit straight and curved staircases.

Accessible Bathrooms

Accessible Bathrooms

Problem: My bathroom is not wheelchair accessible or safe for me

Solution: Bathroom Solutions

  • 5’ by 5’ clear floor space in the bathroom
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Bathroom size of at least 5’ by 8’
  • Broadly applied bands of reinforcement inside walls around toilets and bath fixtures for installation of grab bars
  • Textured grab bars by toilet, bathtub and shower
  • Offset controls in shower/tub to minimize bending and reaching
  • 48” by 56” toilet space with centerline of toilet 18” from side wall

Aging In Your Home

Problem: My health problems are making it hard to live in my house but I don’t want to move

Solution: Interior solutions

  • 32 inches of clearance through passage doors
  • 42 inch-wide hallways where possible
  • Bedroom and bathroom on the main floor
  • Laundry on the main floor
  • No area rugs, and low-pile carpet with firm padding
  • Walk-in tubs provide both easy access and therapeutic benefits
  • Roll-in showers allow for daily hygiene for the wheelchair bound

Kitchen Solutions:

Kitchen Solutions
  • Maneuvering space at doors: If in-swinging door obstructs a bathroom or kitchen fixture, use offset hinges, swing door out, hinge door on opposite jamb or widen doorway
  • Increase the number of electrical outlets for additional lighting and reachable appliances and alarm indicators
  • Clear floor space in kitchen with a minimum 60-inch turning circle
  • Lever style or adaptable handled faucets
  • Handles, not knobs, on cabinets and drawers
  • Adaptable cabinets to reveal knee space or lowered to a manageable height

Commercial and Public Businesses

Problem: I own a business and my building and door are not easy for customers to access

Solution: Commercial and public buildings

  • Most older buildings can be remodeled to accommodate accessible solutions
  • Public funding may be available to assist with costs
  • Can be used in advertising your business to the public
  • Prevents falls and accidents and reduces insurance claims and lawsuits
  • Benefits employees and customers
  • Adds to the resale value of the building