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Caryn Leventhal, co-owner of Seniors’ Choice in San Diego, is an expert in fall prevention, senior care and accessible home remodeling. Caryn speaks to many local groups, gives radio interviews and writes blogs addressing the home accessibility and how to keep seniors and people with disabilities safe in their homes. Keep watching for updates and new information from Caryn.

Caryn is a member of San Diego Fall Prevention Task Force.

Caryn is a frequent speaker with a panel of experts about planning for your fabulous future, home safety, fall prevention, DIY home repairs, caring for your loved ones, and several other related topics.  The Seniors’ Choice team will also provide references to other health and life related providers.

Are you looking for a speaker for group or organization? Contact Caryn today! She and her team are available to speak on many topics including aging related health issues and solutions. A lively and engaging speaker with a background in Social Work and years of helping people, Caryn will both educate and entertain your audience.

Caryn’s Radio Interviews

Caryn's interview with Debra Simpson, North San Diego Business

Caryn's interview with Michelle Bergquist, Connect Women of Influence